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East High Parking Lot Campers

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PostSubject: Nobody Section   Nobody Section Icon_minitimeSun Apr 13, 2008 3:46 am

How did we get to a state of unequal, one person rule over all, crappy situation. i mean i dont get it, the longer i sit to think about it. it just makes me sad, i lost so much over a given little time but gained few who actually is gaining weight to equal out my balance of loss and sorrow. what we had had was little parking lot to anarchy person who now sets goals to be obtained by small town of people. while the parking lot shrunk so drastically to where it can now be called in my mind, a driveway. everybody goes through hard times and you really do find those who stick with you are best. but when you are controlled by that one to stick with another, you lose touch of what brought on the hard time. and correction may never be succeeded. and you never open your eyes to see who got pushed away because they practically got sucker punched and walked away scared. until the few came and shined over and your wounds re-heal within more time. your life once known become memories and new life becomes reality and a whole world opens up and you are a kid in a big city. theres more life than darkness. theres more people than one. LIVE IS TO ENJOY:!:

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